Audacity exceeds 100 million downloads

Today, 24th October 2020, Audacity has reached beyond 100 million downloads since March 2015. The correct number will be over 105 million downloads if we add the previous figures since 2014.

It is the most downloaded software from FossHub. Considering the last download numbers that are public, most-likely, Audacity has at least over 250 million downloads. Impossible to count the data from the other sites, but the real numbers are certainly much higher. An excellent achievement for Audacity Team.

However, this isn't a public brag but rather an attempt to show or remind you about the effort and the sacrifice of the people involved (a picture with some of the team members - credit to Audacity Team)

Audacity Team members
Audacity Team members

Just a few observations

  1. Audacity is a 20 years old project founded by Dominic Mazzoni and Roger Dannenberg. That's two decades of hard work for a free product.
  2. Thousands of bugs fixed, you can take a look at some impressive metrics available for the last three years or read James Crook post about the Bug Hunting.
  3. Tens of thousands of forum posts (over 300,000 posts), separated for Windows, macOS, and GNU/Linux according to the data provided by Steve Daulton
  4. The most impressive thing is that Audacity is a free, open-source project. The entire team is made of volunteers who dedicated their time to create a unique free program available for everyone. A more accurate description can be found on the Audacity Team Credits page.

In memoriam

Last but not least, Audacity recently lost two team members: Gale Andrews and Vaughan Johnson.

We want to dedicate this post to Gale Andrews and Vaughan Johnson, and the entire Audacity Team for their fantastic contribution to one of the most popular free software available.

People like them are the "unknown" heroes that rarely you will read about.