FossHub announcing a new team site and platform

In February 2018, most of the FossHub team was changed. Reason being related to security, trust, common sense and past activity.

In October 2018, along with the new team, we launched the new FossHub.

Please acknowledge that none of the old FossHub code, design, security approach, and infrastructure setup was kept. The only thing we retained is the text from pages and stats.

The new FossHub is built around these main ideas:

  1. Security
  2. Reliability
  3. Speed
  4. Single Ad Limit
  5. Support devs and their free projects, Universities, non-profit and even some companies

Our primary goal is to offer an excellent free service. We aim to keep improving so that people that give a meaning to the word "free" can rely on FossHub.


  • Private consultation with security architects that work for reputable companies or independent security individuals. The only reason why we don't publish names/roles is that we had the benefit of free analysis and suggestions.
  • all security best practices (both in coding, at the OS level, authentication, etc.) were carefully respected, reviewed and implemented.
  • we removed all sensitive data such as private info related to projects that we host.
  • all the essential data (mostly public or easy to obtain) that we keep are encrypted using the highest security standards.

We don't claim that we've built the most secure environment, but we respected every security recommendation. We also understand that this is a continuous process.

We want to pre-announce the integration of a "Bounty" section. We hope this might also help, just in case we miss things.

Therefore, if you're a security expert and you wish to point to us any security issue, we will do our best to thank you and offer a financial reward for your efforts.


We are a multi-CDN service now so being reliable is not just a fancy word. No one likes when you lose a file, the download is slow, or the upload fails. We worked hard to make this happen, but if you're looking for a place to host your binaries, we figured out a way. Please note that we do have our limitations in place so each case will be analyzed separately.


The new site, platform, and infrastructure was built with speed in mind. We want a fast site and accessible from any device, a quick upload (for developers) and download (for users). Again, to prevent abuse and the impact on our service, there are limitations. As we grow our wish is to increase/expand our capacity and not to impose further limits.

Single Ad Limit

FossHub vision was always to show a SINGLE ad*. This single ad helps us to pay our bills and support free projects. If you don't want to see this ad and you use an ad-blocker, you are welcome! The only message that you will see is an image asking for a donation - however, you can choose to ignore it. It is our wish to show nothing to people that contributed a "thank you" for their support, but it is quite hard to implement this.

*Misleading and deceptive ads are a HUGE problem. As you are probably aware we block such ads 24/7/365, but they keep coming back.

Support devs and their free projects, Universities, non-profit and even some companies

Developers can sign-up now, and we can discuss their requirements. If we can help, we will.

Universities and Non-Profit organizations use FossHub to check for new releases and also to download and replicate them further on their network.

Companies that have no other alternative and are forced to interact with us will receive help.


We encourage others to help free projects as much as possible. Without them, this world would look worse.