FossHub is not interested in a link exchange or any paid links

We recently added a "Sign-Up form," rewrote our homepage message, added this blog along with other upcoming improvements hoping it will help people understand what we're doing here.

To make it clear for everyone here:

  1. FossHub is not a software directory. We don't claim that we list 1 million software titles for the simple reason that we always look to add good programs. We don't list software titles automatically like almost all the other download sites. There's no PAD file that we scan and retrieve the data from it.
  2. We don't link to you in exchange for another link from you. First, it is forbidden by almost any search engine as this is an old, spammy technique to manipulate search engines. Second, we provide links in the most human, natural way. We link to the homepage of the project; we might give a link to a useful resource such as the Wiki or online manual etc.
  3. We never did and we will never going to respond to such requests: buy or sell links, no link exchange regardless of your Alexa rank or how big is your project. We will never be going to reply to such requests.
  4. I want a link from FossHub because they are a *popular download site and platform for developers. You will probably be going to request us to redirect the download on your binaries to an external website from where you serve your binaries. If this is the only reason, you want to add your project to FossHub (e.g., obtain a link back to your project) you're doing it wrong.
  5. FossHub is a multi-CDN service which means we are capable of providing a worldwide superior bandwidth, storage and offering multiple redundant services that it might be expensive. We do have some limitations in the place like any other service, but these are discussed with each project to make sure everything will run smoothly for them and our community.

*The reason for this is because of the service we provide and for not giving up to our principles: no software bundles, just a single ad or none, fast site and download, small but worthy list of popular software, trying to help each project using our platform, apologize for our mistakes in public, not falling into any link exchange or shady "monetization" practice, etc.

Are you worried about giving a link to an external service? Feel free to use the Use rel="nofollow" - read more here.

FossHub DOES NOT promote any link scheme, paid links, link exchange or any other attempt to manipulate the search engines. Please go away if this is your intention!