FossHub software submission process

FossHub is in a permanent search for the best software titles. There are three rules we follow when we add a new program.

  1. Any software we list on FossHub needs to be clean: NO malware, *No third party software bundles, No Spyware, No Adware, No crap.

*No third party software bundles - we will list your software if you offer a version without these bundles. Example: FileZilla did this for years, and we always listed their clean version.

  1. The software needs to be free and useful for people.

Please note that we receive a lot of requests from our visitors regarding their favorite program. Usually, they are right, most apps are great, and we would love to list them - BUT read the next point below.

  1. Ideally, we need to obtain the original author's permission to list their work. Yes, usually Open Source software can be redistributed under specific terms, but some authors do not want this. Legally we are covered, but this is a morale related issue. We want to respect both.

Obtaining permission from software creator or team

if you're a developer it is easy, just let us know through the "Contact" area or "Sign Up" using our form. If your software is worthy, we will add it. Also, our platform allows you to scale without worrying about storage, bandwidth or worldwide delivery.

else if

If you have a favorite app that you wish to see it listed on FossHub you can help us by obtaining the permission on our behalf. Just write to the main author, try to raise this on its official forum, chat network or social media.


We understand you as a developer, and we try to respect your work. If you want your program removed from FossHub, you can. Just let us know who you are, and we will remove it - please use the contact form.