How safe is FossHub

As you probably know, FossHub team, site, and platform changed.  We recently announced that we surpassed 500 million downloads and security is our top priority.

We serve downloads to:

Large Universities and companies
Popular Download sites and services you trust
Millions of worldwide visitors each month

We will jump straight to what happens if we're dealing with a suspicious program.

In case we detect an infection or a false positive, everyone is being alerted at the same time:

The scan results are public - it means that all visitors will see them.

Example of a clean malware scan - click on them and we will show you the scan results.

2. The project manager is informed.

Example of an email title showing our scan results for a certain project.

3. FossHub team is also alerted.

The best part

4. The downloads are disabled automatically to avoid infections.

If you click on the download link - it will NOT start because of the high detection rate.

Which means, the developer or FossHub team can take action and remove an infected file without exposing you to any danger.

To summarize, so far we implemented the following:

HTTPS everywhere

HTTPS is implemented across all FossHub sections

2FA and a complex alert on our platform for developers

Developers can enable their 2FA or choose other secure authentication methods from our platform

File signatures and PGP

Click on "Signatures" and we show you all file hashes including PGP if the developer uploaded them

Antivirus scan (using Jotti's malware scan)

Example of a Jotti's malware scan report for a file - if you click on the link below it will take you to Jotti website.

Automatic disable of downloads

The browser will allow you to download the file if this is clean. Otherwise, the download won't start if you click

Some of you mentioned ads. Currently, we show a single ad that is delivered by Google where we do our best to block misleading ads. We use a single ad to help us pay our bills.

If you don't like ads and you feel safer using an ad-blocker - use it!

We will come up with an alternative to ads soon.

So, how safe is FossHub?

Safe if you compare us with any other download site.

Trustworthy if you acknowledge that we never accepted software bundles or deliberately infected our users with adware or spyware. HowToGeek mentioned us.

HowToGeek description regarding FossHub.

Our goal is to become one of the safest choices when dealing with software.