What is FossHub

If you're a regular visitor: FossHub is a download site that served over 500 million downloads for the last 11 years.

We do not list software that includes bundles in their installer or anything that could be flagged as malware.

FossHub always showed a single ad, and we blocked and reported misleading or deceptive ads 24/7/365.

FossHub site load and the download speed is also superior to almost any other download site.

If you're a developer: we provide a free multi-CDN service with premium bandwidth, storage, backups and multiple ways to publish or automate the release process. Depending on your project we help you to scale or do some custom work that no other provider will offer for free. You can "Sign-Up here".

If you're a University: you can use FossHub to manage your updates and automate the whole process to download files automatically from us and replicate them across your network.

How to download

To download a file, click on the desired download link and the download will start. That's how you download from FossHub.


Example: Each project page has one or multiple download links from where you can get their programs.

Audacity has eleven files that you can download (you will probably need only one).


qBittorrent has only three files.


How to check the file signatures (checksums)

Each file has its own unique set of signatures (MD5, SHA1, SHA256 or even PGP). Click on the "Signature" link and a pop-up window will show all these file signatures.


Note: Regardless the download source, it is always a good practice to upload the file to an extern service such as VirusTotal or Jotti Malware Scan. This way you can maximize your chances of keeping your OS or machine safe from malware.